Nobody asked me to stay up north this afternoon.

This is an astonishingly big deal. I drove down here, and paid my car insurance, and went grocery shopping, and came home and took the garbage out and washed clothes and made quiche and found a pattern I would like to sew so I needed the information off the package, and the watch I want to return that I carefully put away somewhere special, and couldn’t find for over a week.

I think this is more than I got done all weekend.

And you knitters out there; remember the Clapotis craze? I turn the heat down when I leave in the morning, and forget to turn it on when I get in the house. So after I sit down for a half hour or so, I’m cold. I turned up the heat and went to get a shawl or something to throw over my shoulders. Just for fun (and partially because it clashed with all the clashing comfy clothes I already had on) I grabbed my clapotis. I made the thing just to say I had made it. It bored me to tears making it. It isn’t like anything else I have ever made, what with all the lineality. It’s made with acrylic; Caron’s Simply Soft, to be specific. And I love it. The yarn is all shiny and sort of slinky. It has enough weight to make the thing cling to you. I like this color, even though it’s not a color I wear. Maybe I would like one in a different color….I can’t. Stop me. I already have four knit things going, and who knows how many things waiting, plus this sudden interest in sewing. Plus I’m gone ten, eleven, twelve hours a day, and I can’t knit and drive. Although it might keep me awake.