Monday. Doing whatever. Snooping around, reading articles here on the intertubes. Little box comes up and says, “Hey, C disc is pretty full.” Yeah, whatever. Go on reading. A couple minutes later, another little box comes up and says, “No, really. You are about to go down, and go down hard.” So I look.

519 MB left. Oops. Spent the rest of the evening doing a disc cleanup so I could get enough room to start taking off the who-knows-how-many gigabytes of photos I’ve got on here. (Anybody else feel like Doc from “Back To The Future” when they say giga-anything? Or is it just more of the damage Daughter has inflicted on me? I asked her when she first saw the movie, and she insists it was in ’06. I could swear we’ve been watching it her entire life. Over and over, again and again.)

So, I get the computer cleaned up to where I can safely put it in standby, and go to bed. Because Tuesday is scheduled for A Storm! A Really Big Storm! I don’t believe meteorologists any more, at least not until about four hours before the storm. But this is how I got stuck Up North a few weeks ago with the clothes on my back, ending up with a run to the big box to get a night shirt and long underwear and frozen breakfast and a toothbrush and a pad for Daughter to sleep on when I commandeered her bed, because I was going to be shoveling all day the next day and she was going to be sitting in a heated classroom. So, I get up and pack for the expedition, changes of clothes and food for days and all that. Make provisions for emergency rations of coffee to be delivered, because the people I work with drink gross brown water (although I suspect the pot is to blame). Everything.

We got two inches, and the night shift had most of it shoveled away. We just had to clean up the blown stuff. But, I got an extra hour of sleep, and I shared my box of frozen breakfast sandwiches. All pretty good. But I was so glad to be home Wednesday night. Oh, and my appointment for Wednesday was canceled, because the weather was going to be so awful. So I got an extra hour of me time out of the deal, too.

I don’t remember Thursday. Oh, yeah. Never mind.

Last night was pizza night. We always get it take ‘n bake, but that part of the cell phone conversation dropped out and when we picked it up it was baked. Which I guess is fine, except they cut it into eight pieces, and I always cut pizza into ten. So much more lady-like, sucking down half a pizza in delicate thin slices.

There’s more, and good stuff too, but I have to wait until the coffee is working. And it occurs to me; the sun was shining four days out of five this week. No wonder I feel human.