I acquired things. Can you say, “income tax return?”

I ordered a set of violin strings ten days ago. My violin was bought pre-Daughter for $150. It hasn’t been maintained, and is now probably worth $20. I haven’t played at all in probably four years, and not much before that, and had never progressed very far to begin with. I’d quit playing altogether when the E string started to sound incredibly bad, periodically devolving into squeaks and shrieks. So I got it together and ordered Thomastick Infeld Red strings. Totally crazy and extravagant. I told Stupidhead that ordering expensive strings was like an engagement ring; I’m pretty much committed to that violin now.

img_7127this e string was like a jewel; silver core coated with gold, and so, so fine.

So the strings showed up Monday, and I called Stupidhead and said the engagement ring was here. It was fun listening to him choke and sputter.

But then I put them on (Oh, the trauma of taking the old ones off. What if I’m stupid and put the bridge on wrong? which I did. What if I get stupid and drop it? which I’ve done before, But. Not. This Time!!!!YAY!), and spent an hour tuning and retuning, and now I have a $20 violin that sounds like poop, but with strings that laugh and dance and wiggle and jump and just enjoy being played, and I’m back to learning the scales and where my left hand has to sit against the nut and how close together middle and ring fingers have to be. And my absolute horseshit bow? is a good thing, because there are all kinds of little muscle adjustments you can make to dampen down that 5-mile-long sweet spot it’s got. So someday when I’m a real person again, I can go find the violin that will make me happy and be able to play it in a way that will make it happy.

And because I spent the night in the dorm on Tuesday, I got to wear my really cute nightshirt, one of those cheap fleece things that exist solely to be cute and suck the money out of your pocket. But I love it and I am as cute as a bug’s ear in it. I wrestle regularly with the idea of bringing it home, but I want it to be special. And also because I spent the night in the dorm, I got to eat dinner in the caf. It’s fun to watch people look at me and go, “Who is she? Why is she here?” And get talk to all the ones I do know.

And yesterday I got a doll pattern I ordered. It’s going to be bigger than I imagined, but it will be fun to do. Something new. And pretty postcard stamps. The USPS only has one set of stamps for postcards. I almost went ahead and bought some of the 42 cent stamps, but these are pretty enough. Next time.

One last picture. This was in the apartment parking lot, and it just made me laugh. I ran out and got a picture, and five minutes later, it had been run over.