Not much. It was gloomy, dark and wet and a uniform coldness. But for once, I was paying attention, and thinking about how this might be affecting my mood, my ability to function, and came home and turned on that little bitty enormously bright light, and sat in front of it every afternoon. I was told I should worry about how it would affect my being able to get to sleep at night (which is a big issue in my life, what with the getting up at 3:45 and driving an hour in the dark and all that whining).

The oddest thing happened. I came home, and sat in front of the really bright light, and wandered about doing the barest minimum of things, and fell asleep early and slept for seven or eight hours at a stretch, and woke up cheerful and refreshed.

Apparently, I should take afternoon naps of some duration.

And quit listening to experts and other people.

I also started up with that violin thing again, after being too tired, too obligated to other things, complicated. Spent half an hour playing scales, and playing them slowly, stretching each note out as long as I could, repeating each note, paying attention to how the bow was working, how the note sounded. Paying attention to keeping an even tone across the bow and up and down the scale. I suspect I might seem odd, but it was fun. Now Daughter is home for the weekend, and I don’t know how much she will appreciate this fine-tuning of technique. She’s a piano player, herself, and while I’m sure there are comparisons to be made, I don’t think I can get this one across. But she’s wearing headphones most of the time, anyway.

So, yeah, not much. Spring has started up on the coast, and there are robins. I think we only need one more snow and a thunderstorm. Way early, but needed.