Yesterday we got up and got it together and decided to go out to a county park that was the site of some girl scouting stuff long, long ago, when I was uber-mom. We take the turn off the highway, and we come across this place with a bunch of culvert pipes and then a really pretty stretch of road, and then Daughter is reading and I’m looking at all the for sale signs and that house and who knows what all, and miss the turn sign. So, about five minutes later, we end up back on the highway. I turn left, and we go back, and I ask Daughter to help me look for signs this time. We both comment on how pretty that one spot is, and find a sign telling us to turn, and go on for about ten minutes, and realize we are in danger of ending up in Michigan or at least the next county if we go on, so we back track to a road that looks like it might come out closer to home. It does, and we retreat to the safety of our den.

Today is another bright beautiful sunny day, and so we get up and get it together and go out in search of that spot in the road that we liked so much yesterday. The fact that there is an A&W nearby has nothing to do with our earnestness. I promise.


Blue skies.