Ha! Attention-grabbing fiend that I am.

Anyway. I started here, at Echidnae of the Snakes, followed through to here, ending up at this VOA article; “Kenyan Legislator Calls Women’s Sex Strike Threat Reprehensible.” Apparently, the men are very upset that anyone is talking about sex openly, and that that is worse than being stupid.

The feud within Kenya’s coalition government has taken a dramatic turn after some women’s groups threatened to go on a weeklong sex strike to force the president and the prime minister to resolve their differences. The groups say failure by President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to resolve the impasse could reprise the 2007 post-election violence. The chairperson of Women’s Development Organization Rukia Subow reportedly said the group will pay prostitutes to strike and has asked the wives of both the president and the prime minister to join in the strike.

Kenyan legislator David Musila told VOA the action of the group is appalling.

“It is a shame. It is a shame that these women can make such a statement. First of all, in my view, it is un-African, and these are some of the things in Africa we don’t talk openly about, sex in front of children, and so on. And therefore, I think they are misguided and in any case, who is going to supervise and see that the boycott is implemented? It is just rubbish,” Musila said.

Was it D.H Lawrence who talked about one generation’s dream being the next generation’s ideal being the next generation’s reality? I think that it’s happening, and happening faster. Maybe it’s because I work on a college campus, and I get to watch. I hope we all live for another fifty years, because I think the world will be even more beautiful then.

Anyway. Sunrise with sundog, yesterday.