First, my camera. Decides to use metering options I didn’t know existed.

Then, my computer. Decides to scramble my password, so I can’t get on the internet without going to the the dreaded Internet Explorer, and jumping through hoops, and logging on again. Every time.

Now, my phone. Won’t make tones. Won’t ring. Mocks me, with its little caller ID window, so I know that if I happened to glance up at the right time, I’d see there’s a call coming in. Making it my fault! if I don’t answer. Bastard guilt-inducing piece of technology.

Plus, with the moving thing? My refrigerator is naked with no magnets on.

But, on the other hand…


That blue bit, in the center of the picture? Lake Superior, 5:20 A.M., three blocks from my new home.

Rock. And. Roll.