Moved, mostly. Can’t find anything. Hate kitchen, and haven’t started hating everything else. Situation Normal, All Fucked Up. (And yes, this will involve swearing.)

Have burst into tears at least once a day since Sunday. Wait, now that I think about it, that’s not really so bad.

So far I have too much shit, except that some of it is valuable, but it’s my fault that I have so much shit, except that I’ve been through too much in the last several years to rationally consider what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of, except for all the stuff my ex-husband kept for no good reason.

And there was this morning’s episode, where I was told that all Stupidhead wanted to do was to make sure that the place stayed clean and that in two months it would be so trashed I’d be thrown out and then I’d be screwed. We won’t even begin to touch that one.

And it’s end of term and all those stinky students are leaving. I only burst into tears twice over that today. Once when I saw that big guy walking hand in hand with the girl he’s recently taken up with, and how sad they looked. And then another time when I got talking to that little chick about how she was a senior and I got all, “but I just got to know you,” and then she cried and I cried and everything was sad.

Bring me June, or at least May’s freaking head on a platter.

And shit. The apple tree didn’t bloom in time and then I moved away and I missed C’s birthday. Shit.

There will be pictures again someday. When I find the cord. I can see the box it’s packed in…..