Talk about your foreshadowing, eh?

Stuff is moved up here. I had a good day yesterday with Stupidhead. Daughter was acting like things were okay.

I get home to an email from her adviser, saying she’s screwed up her class again. I go to the bathroom and get back to see Stupidhead at the keyboard, “cleaning” it, while I was logged on. (And in case you weren’t tuned in, him faking a comment from my ex is why I dumped my last blog.)


Fighting as hard as I did to keep Daughter in school was probably a waste of time.

My security is probably oh-so-thoroughly breached.

The college I work at is in the process of laying off staff and teachers, and I have doubts about the contract being renewed, or all of us being kept on.

Now I get to see if I can make moving up here worth my while, for my sake.

In the meantime, I can sit here and watch the birds going about their business in the courtyard outside the window. They come and sit on the rails just outside the window for me to get a good look at them.

And there’s still the matter of the Lake.