Between that and the moving, I’m not showing up here very much.

Stupidhead’s been around a lot too, and since I’m not letting him know about the blog, that interferes a lot. Why do I let him come around? Because he can pick up heavy things. Because he isn’t working 40 hours a week, and has enough energy to keep me moving. Because the 73 gazillion milligrams of however many different drugs he’s taking are taking effect, and he’s almost balanced. Because he quit drinking. Because it’s better than some of the other options I have. Because in some ways, it’s good.

But who is seducing? Here’s a story.

Stupidhead and I were sitting at the table talking about interior design or whatever, and he goes off on “missionary style” furniture. (I should interject here that Stupidhead is a big, high-energy guy, who proceeds mainly like Casey Jones and his train. You pick and choose when you want to pull the brake cord on conversations.) He’s finishing off his rant about all the sharp edges and how he wants to knock them down by adding that the style looks too Fifties for him. I jump in then to remind him that Fifties were all about the future and those big Swoops of Formica and the Modern House when all of a sudden –

    (I’m reminded of this science fiction book that I read, that now that I think about it was sort of a jack-off book, where our intrepid heroes were saved by their magic spaceship that would freeze time whenever there was some horrible danger that would wipe them out, thereby keeping our intrepid heroes safe until said danger was passed. An interesting idea, but a pretty weak plot device. I’m ashamed I read it through to the end. I was younger then. But anyway, the break in the story was marked by a quick insertion of -discontinuity-. I’m cruising along in mid-sentence, and all of a sudden)

BAM – discontinuity – a bird flies by the window, and I have to stop talking and watch.

Fortunately, everyone in the house seems to be similarly afflicted.

So there’s that, and the fact that I live in this odd Fairyland
with guardian bears,

and wonderful porches,

and strange trees.

And always with the Up.

And this is without leaving my block.