Like I said, I seem to be distracted lately.

I swore yesterday that I would stay in bed this morning until at least 7:00 a.m. I rolled out at about 6:15 because when I’m lying in bed I look up into pine trees and sky and the morning was too inviting. I put on something that would pass for clothing in any civilized society, and went out to stand on my front step to brush my hair and wake up.

We’ve got an infestation of starlings at the bird feeder. We chase off the adults, but the babies are too pretty with their dull grey-brown color and sparrow-striped wings, so we let them get away with feeding. It’s been funny to watch the just-as-big-as-the-grownups come and pester mom-or-dad to feed them, and then belly up to the feeder when mom-or-dad refuses. The sparrows are not very afraid of us, and the chickadees are pushy and seem on the verge of threatening us if we don’t get away from their food. Maybe they have just enough sense to not peck the hand that feeds them. Maybe. We had a pair of goldfinches come through, so I ran out and got a thistle sock, but I haven’t seen them since, nor the reddish things – purple finches? We sit out in the garage door and watch the birds fly from the neighbors’ birdhouses over our roof, a bird flightpath. And at twilight we go out and watch the bats come out. When I get a little nervous and edgy, it’s a quick three block walk down to the Lake to watch the greens and browns, the whitecaps and the swifts and the clouds.

I’m reading a book called “The Not So Big Life” by Sarah Sustanka, about remodeling your life. I don’t know how far I’ll get. It’s a library book, so I can only have it for so long. But I’ve got two notebooks and an index card going, to sort out thoughts. And of course this spot here. We’ll see. I feel like something inside has turned, and I’m waiting to see what pops up.

I’m taking a new kind of picture;

Along with the old fascinations.

This will be coming down at the end of the summer
so I must take pictures.