I have a great need to wear skirts. I have several, but they aren’t really up to snuff, so I picked up a library book, “Sew What Skirts.” Patternless, throw stuff together fearless kind of stuff. Fun, a little inspiring. I got it into my head that it was time Daughter learned to sew, so I told her to pick out a skirt she liked and we’d do it together. The one she picked isn’t the easiest, but she’ll know a ton of technique when she’s done.

So, she’s bored, and hops the bus over to the Box to look at materials. She found one she likes, but she wanted me to look at it before she bought it. But she did find this little bit of material that she really liked, so she bought it and brought it home, wondering what to do with it. It is truly wonderful. She picked well. I am so proud.

And Stupidhead (who really should be upgraded back to Bigfoot – he really is being amazing lately) was talking about bringing up a proposal at a board meeting, and having no one even mutter under their breath. He tried and tried and tried, and then finally said, “It’s like they say – you could hear creaking chirpets.”