I seem to be on cruise, lately.

I got to watch an insect peel itself out of its exoskeleton, and stand in the breeze letting its newly longer parts wave. Some sort of mayfly, from what I hear. Beautiful, with its wings standing proud like sails. There were three on the other side of the window I was cleaning, all head up on the glass, with their wings held high and their tails trailing out.

Bigfoot worked out a new-to-him wood finishing technique. I think it’s called french polishing. It involves shellac, and a pad of cotton, and many thin coats, and ends with the grain glittering and deep. He made a quick little shelf to store some bowls on, and its surface is something to stroke, to gaze at, and into. A convoluted fail, or success. I don’t know.

I don’t think I’ve even taken many pictures. How about this one?


Some of those things that will live on top of the shelf.