It really didn’t do much for me.

IMG_8035IMG_8022Crowds and clowns.
Only one marching band.
(One funny, funny thing. A pair of F16’s did a fly-by. I plugged my ears to muffle down the sound. All of a sudden, I had this strange warm feeling of comfort, and realized the sound of jets reminds me of my parents’ home back in Minneapolis, near the airport.)(I am a little tired of these memories flying in on a strafing run, trying to keep where I am and what I’m doing front and center while holding on to whatever was dragged up.)

At one point I wandered off, and realized I was a lot more comfortable walking through the crowd than being a part of it. Then, being of a certain age, I decided it was in my best interests to walk over to a fast food joint. To cover what I was really in there for, I ordered fries. The poor schmoe at the counter tried three times to get the attention of the kitchen crew, who were laughing and joking around, because there were no customers. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and nobody was loose in town – all at the parade. So, when it ended, we bolted and went down to the marina, to watch the world. Gulls and geese and people setting up their boats for a quick turn on the water. I tried scrambling down the rocks, but being of a certain age made that difficult. When I lost my shoe, I gave up and sat, and realized that was what I really needed to do. So I stayed still for about ten minutes, watching the gulls fly out and fly in, each end with its own ritual.

We went for a walk along the seawall.


Naps most of the afternoon, grilled dinner (I made the most amazing roasted potatoes. A quick shake of this, a splash of that…never to be duplicated), finished in time to walk down to the water to watch the fireworks, the boats slowly moving out on the bay, water like glass. Turning to go home, the moon seen scarlet through the smoke, the sky still blue behind it.