I really don’t know what’s going on. I’m doing new things again. Getting off on chopping vegetables, making food.

Daughter and I both have this thing going on for curry. (Her’s veers off into Tim Curry, which is fine – it’s what led me to that special showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show last fall. Which reminds me; we have to start watching it obsessively so I know all the lines. Also, I need to start looking for a corset.)

I read this website – 101 cookbooks – which led me to pick up her cookbook Super Natural Cooking. The first recipe I tried was for black-tea-flavored spring rolls. I didn’t much care for the way they turned out, but you know? it might have something to do with all the substituting I had going on. It’s that whole “go to the co-op and snatch up the pretty things,” issue. The yellow pattypans were just too pretty to leave there, so they got substituted for half the mushrooms. The bag of spinach I bought was way more than the recipe called for, so now I’m chopping up fresh spinach and throwing it into everything. No shallots, so I went with that big beautiful leek. She called for shoyu; I had soysauce. Two tablespoons seemed too much, so I backed way the heck off. We did manage to eat all of the spring rolls.

Another recipe is for a tofu scrambler; obviously tofu, and fresh spinach, and Curry! So breakfast has been scrambled eggs and spinach and cheese and curry! She has a recipe for make-your-own curry, but I’ve got this tiny, rapidly being depleted jar of Penzey’s Maharajah Curry, so that’s been getting thrown into everything, including those amazing roasted potatoes (which included sweet potato and carrot and fresh basil).

We tried a new-to-us restaurant, “Buddie’s burgers.” Pretty ordinary food. I didn’t have a burger though; I didn’t fall off my veg wagon until later in the day. But they have Malts! And they use a TON of malt powder. The standard “retro cliche” decor; the funky “pretend to be a car interior” seats, and that odd combination of turquoise and rose that I’ve seen used as true art-deco colors. A poster of Marilyn Monroe that might start me off on a movie spree, or maybe poster-buying – fantastic graphic.

Also tin ceiling and neon ceiling fan.

Keep that sunshine coming.