I have good days and bad days, but today was just whacked.

I got up, and my little red car had a flat. (Not really a big deal since I hardly drive it because it needs so much work, but now I have to monkey around to drive it. Whatever.) Another token in the “oh, yeah, baby – you are so going to get canned” slot fell – first thing at work. I go to counseling, and I can tell something is up from the way my counselor comes out of her office. Turns out the grant that has been paying for my going to see her is up, and not renewed. But the worst part was a friend of a friend had choked on her breakfast, and they thought she had gone too, too long without oxygen.

BUT! I get home from counseling, just cringing at what is going to happen next, when my friend calls and says her friend woke up and asked for ice cream! And that someone we work with had come by and filled up my tires! and then I went to talk to a benefits counselor for my clinic, and it turns out she used to work for the county and can help me navigate a bunch of other things I need help with!

I lit candles and said thanks.