Or, “Damn, I was stupid.”

Actually, I was 15, which is by definition stupid. I hope. I think I was out getting high that night, generally being too self-absorbed to “get” what was going on. Stupid. Missed a lot of what was going on. (Okay, I’ll say it. “What was happening.” There. Happy? Gah.) (Or, I suppose, just being who I was where I was. I should cut me more slack sometimes.) (Geez, stop analyzing yourself and get on with it!) (Nag, nag, nag. Geez.)

My oldest brother confessed many years later that he also had taken for granted that we (humans) would be walking on the moon. He told me about driving home from the races at Elkhart, listening to the radio broadcast and looking up at the moon, and suddenly realizing what had just happened.

I just finished watching “The Dish,” about the receiver in Parkes, whatever, Australia, and its role in relaying the signal from the moon walk. Funny movie, pretty, smooth acting, not too heavy handed. Highly recommended, especially if (like me) you cry at all the tense moments in space program movies.

We also watched “Start Trek – First Contact,” and yes, I found more issues to have with that movie. But, the two movies have a common thread – Steppenwolf. Apparently, it’s what all forward-looking space-minded people listen to.

(I didn’t listen to the youtube. I’ve heard the song at least twice in two days. Enough is enough.)

Where are the flying cars?