My friend came and visited! (Do I sound pathetic enough?)

I feel a little lost, having just moved up here. I’m trying to put down roots, but maybe that’s not what I should try to do; maybe that’s something that happens. Whatever.

So. We did what we do, which is talk, and then we went and took pictures, which is something I do a lot, but not with somebody. We talked f-stops and shutter speeds and ASA’s, and then of course converted it all to this new crap – aperture priority and time priority and ISO, and muttered about saying fuck it and going back to pinholes and film, which really I will do. (I saw somewhere on line somebody making pinhole lenses from body caps. $50, pick your camera. Yes.)

But we were a little rushed, and I wasn’t paying attention, and I’m a little ashamed. I messed up some things that shouldn’t have required any thinking. I don’t know what lesson I will take from this. Maybe don’t worry about it?

I worked for a professional photo lab back in the day, and we ran a bunch of images from The Walker Art Museum (modern art scum and all – I learned a lot), including one exhibit the Walker generated – artists making books. One book, a woman bemoaning the ties that bound her, the house and the laundry and the babies, and she wanted to belong to the sky again – an image of her flying away over her ironing board, or was it on it?


That line comes back to me, again and again. “She wanted to belong to the sky again…”