This town I live in is laid out on a grid pattern. My house is perpendicular to an east-west street, so therefore it faces north. Theoretically.

People have been telling me for a year that it really isn’t north, it’s more northwest, and really, I believe them. I’ve gotten out the maps. I see where the sun sets. But it didn’t become real, actual, I-can-put-my-hands-on-it knowledge until I put my clivia out on the front steps, figuring it was north and it shouldn’t get much direct light – and burned the crap out of it. There isn’t a wall of this house that doesn’t get direct sun. Frank Lloyd Wright would be impressed.

So here is my corner, and my chair, just set up last night, facing theoretical north, with the late afternoon sun flickering on the wall behind the chair.


I can sit and watch the birds. And that lamp? I think I’ve moved it three times, and the bulb still works. I’m a little in awe.