A friend of mine told me that – and, okay, I thoroughly believe that I’ve got this wrong – you create your own karma here and now by your choices. Well, okay, now that I type it out, of course.

But, in the midst of this pile of advice she told me that by hanging around with crazy people (and, okay, she put that a different way, too) I was letting craziness into my life.

A. I should have written this out a long time ago. That makes way more sense than the garbled way I was putting it in my head. B. I couldn’t cope with the crazies at work, so I took the day off. (Really it is only one crazy. She just happens to be my immediate boss. Now, do I keep dealing with her, or do I take a second shift job just to get the heck away from her? Did I mention she is crazy and lets her crazy run all over everybody around her?)

So (and here we finally get to some sort of point), it to some extent worked out because I was able to see my morning glories doing that morning glorious thing. And so even though there were loud construction workers using heavy equipment feet from my backyard, I went out and took pictures of the countless blooms. (Okay, I’m sure they weren’t “countless.” I just stopped at 50.)

So, I get inside, and I’m looking through file 83, which is what my camera is at, and I realize that I’ve been taking a few pictures of the morning glories – 50 out of 80? I’m strolling through, flower, flower, flower, tomato, flower, strange yellow thing – what?

Dishes on stove, early morning.

And so you don’t forget about the morning glories.

The bee is happy.