I’m having a three-day weekend! Yay! Getting mad and walking out really worked this time. This time, and this time only. This offer will not be valid again for a long, long time, you diva drama queen.

Anyway. In my celebration mode, I forced the house to watch “I’m not there,” a fictional biography of six characters derived from Bob Dylan.* I thought it was a wonderful movie, playing and dancing, sort of blind-man’s-bluff played with songs and history and biography. Maybe like those South American realistic fantasy books that I’m getting rid of. Maybe I have to rethink that. I’m the only Dylan fan in the house. Daughter put on her headphones while I was singing along. Go. Enjoy.

It’s cold and grey and cloudy and windy today. We’re staying in, and cleaning floors. There’s been a lot of talk about cookies lately, and I also found this recipe for blueberry cake. Being as it’s blueberry season up here in the Tundra, I think I’ll have a go.

Oh, and remember Mothwings, arsethat shawl I invented many years ago, and then got mad and put it away? I want it. I want it done now. However, I don’t remember what I was doing. This is the year of the laceweight yarns. Maybe it should also be the year of writing down what you’re doing, so you have a prayer of repeating it? I know knitting isn’t photography, but I invest a lot of time in it. Maybe I should take it seriously.

And curry. I’m going to make curry powder today. I will never run out again.

*Thinking back over it, I can’t remember if there was that much outcry about Dylan re-inventing himself, the way there was about Madonna. And remember the Beatles? They pretty thoroughly reinvented themselves. Of course Lennon had to go marry “that woman,” and wreck the whole ride… I figure it’s the person who is re-inventing him or her self that’s the only one to judge, so I don’t pay much attention. Really, I’m more curious to see what will come out.