I have had a succession of ripe tomatoes. Not a million of them, but close to one a day. Admittedly some of them were of the nearly-cherry-size, but still; I’ve been so comfortable with the idea that tomorrow there will be another ripe tomato that I’ve taken to just plucking them from the vine and eating them out of hand. And, word to the wise? Isis candy. Sweet little tomatoes. When they are just about completely totally ripe, they have that veining like you see when you turn your closed eyes towards the sun. And if you manage to have patience for another day or two, really really good taste.

(I feel like such a braggart. I’ve never had this much luck with tomatoes, and here I basically tossed them in some dirt and walked away. I’ve been doing it wrong all these years.) ( I do have six plants, but in my defense, two have not had a single ripe tomato. Freakish luck.)

There is such a thing as too many pictures of morning glories. I’ll post them tomorrow.

I hung curtains today. (This, by the way, is where it gets complicated.)

I found olive (drab) colored georgette curtains on sale at the big box, like more than half off. So I bought a curtain rod and brought them home. Stupidhead decided to get involved. (I swear to whomever, the man would get involved in my toenail clippings. He’s driving us nuts.) He’s getting all metromacho, and saying “oh yes, 2 1/2 inches should be just barely enough clearance over your casings, and when I hang them up so they cover the top of the frame, there will still be four inches below the window, la de da, la de da. And of course I will need to drive something in at the middle so it doesn’t droop…” “Dude, I already checked it out. There are existing holes in the frame where the last people put up the same darn curtain rod, and yes, there is even a hole in the middle of the window for the support which the cheap curtain rod manufacturer supplied. It’s a done deal. Chill.”

It deteriorated from there. I don’t remember today’s version, but it usually is along the lines of I’m wrong and stupid and I’ll be homeless and penniless. Whatever.

So, I was forced to put up the curtains. But cheap curtain rod manufacturers everywhere include weird, useless, and/or inappropriate hardware, and my curtain rod today was no exception. I’m trying to drive a two-inch screw into half-inch casing, when my poor feeble wrists start popping and creaking and generally giving out. So I go to my toolbox (and why is it that when I break up with somebody, I lose tools? Is it some sort of hand-off to the next guy, so he can say, “Huh. She must need my manly skills. She has no tools. Grunt.”) (And why do I have a toolbox at all? So I could get my then-husband to leave my freaking tools alone! Probably a major turn-off, telling a man you want your own tools.) and dig out some tiny little screws, and drive them in with my weak feeble wrists, and hang up the curtain. Then I think, “Evil curtain rod manufacturer played pretty much the same game with Daughter’s curtain rod. Maybe the answer’s the same there.” Sure enough, it was. Then, I used a nail (!OMG! Where is the special tool from Craftsman? That hole is Not Good Enough!) to start holes for cuphooks for the tie-backs! And I hung up a picture using one of those tiny little picture hanging hooks, not a ten-penny nail! And I used my eyes to level it, not the level-

How do I ever expect to keep a man? Or the house to continue standing?

I also decided yesterday that, after 15 minutes of annoyance, watching the battery charger charging the battery on my little red car was a waste of time, and came inside and got on the computer. That was truly evil, because I took the keys with me. He who has ADD was not free to try to start the car every five minutes, and therefore the battery had time to charge. And the car pretty much popped right off.

Amazing how sometimes things get done.

So, holiday over. Back to the chain gang tomorrow.

But I have curtains.