(In our continuing Swine Flu Epidemic Update, the HR person for the company I work for went into a Risk-Management Meeting with The Vice President and every other Capital-Letter Person on campus and explained to them that a person is contagious for 24 hours before they begin feeling sick. No one else in the meeting was aware of this. I think it’s possible that she explained that it is perhaps unwise to confine someone with a headache to solitary- er, the isolation wing, and leaving them in direct contact with somebody who might actually have the flu. The HR person can use Google; apparently college administration has better things to do. Still, I now have a glimmer of hope. Remember; janitors will keep you alive. And nurses, but I can only speak from the recieving end on that.)

Yesterday sucked. It sucked bad, and then we went down to the Lake and watched the sunset. The light on the nearly smooth water was amazing. Lemon on the peaks of the tiny swells, salmon on the backs, and blue, deep clear almost starry blue on the front. I wrote this wonderful poetic post in a notebook, because I wanted to get away from the gloom of the internet, figuring I could post it today if I felt like it.

And then today sucked more.

Have you ever watched “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back?” Jay says f*** something like 56 times in the first five minutes. I’m pretty good, but I’ve never gotten to that level. Almost made it today.

The people I work with have this nice handy barometer of how bad my day has been; how many times I say “f***” in a sentence. I have perfected the Seven F*** sentence. But today I declared it wasn’t F*** Off Friday, but instead What The F*** Ever Friday. And then the lift station in a building where I clean the basement failed. Inches of backed-up sewage in pools all over, including in my closet. And then the shelf holding paper products collapsed into the inches of backed-up water.

We went to multiples of the Seven F*** Sentence. I think this might be Defcon Four, or something.

Tomorrow, Daughter and I are going camping. No plumbing. I should be safe.