Black, male, jobless: Rate mired near 50%

The article is from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The unemployment rate for black males ages 16 – 64 has dropped to 47%. Dropped. And these figures are from before a loss of 50,000 jobs in the Milwaukee area.

There’s this;

The report ranked Milwaukee fifth-worst for African-American male joblessness among the nation’s 35 largest metropolitan areas. Milwaukee had the greatest disparity in rates between racial groups.

And this;

One factor in the relatively low frequency of employment among black men is racial discrimination, said Lenard Wells, director of two satellite campuses of Concordia University Wisconsin.

No shit, Sherlock. I’m surprised that a paper as seemingly conservative as JS would mention this. The editorial page usually makes me want to wad it up in a ball and spit on it.

Maybe “post-racial” hasn’t made it into “fly-over land.”

ETA; There was this post at Booman Tribune two weeks ago. about ACORN and the people it serves. I don’t want to cut an excerpt; please go read it.