I met with the physical therapist for an evaluation today. No mention was made of the glory that is traction. It’s early yet. I did have to sign a piece of paper that said I understood that there might be pain involved with this therapy, so I guess Morticia will have to be satisfied with that for a little while. The nasty sweet young thing did tell me I’m developing a dowager’s hump.

I really want to live a long, long time, so I can smirk.

She asked me how long it had been since I stretched. I answered truthfully, since I’d hurt myself by stretching. She smirked at that, too.

Please. A long, long time.

But anyway. She believes she can help me, and that I will stand straight and my spine will no longer rotate.

In other meanderings. I was trying to find out if I had been exposed to this H1N1 thing. I was tracking down a long-ago Minnesota murder case, the T. Eugene Thompson case. (Oddly enough, T. Eugene wasn’t murdered; his wife was. But he had hired someone to kill his wife, so his name gets stuck on it.) My father was a court reporter back in the day when real men did it with pens. He was working the Thompson trial, and didn’t want to let anyone down by getting sick, so he got one of those new-fangled flu vaccinations. I saw him close the door to the master bedroom suite, and I didn’t see him again for a week. But, not remembering the year, I got reading an article about a book recently published about the case called Dial M; The Carol Thompson Murder Case. The author got talking about all the people with personal connections to the case getting in contact with him. He mentioned a rooky court reporter who got thrown into the case just in time to hear the testimony of the man who committed the murder. So I sent the link to my brother, who wrote back;

And, talk about eerie coincidences, I just got back from the doctor. I have flu (actually, it was flu, now it’s pneumonia).

I suppose I’d better call him, eh?

And yes. No flu on campus, but the local schools are about to shut because of absences. Flu, strep throat, a bad cold that’s going around. And no flu vaccine up here till November 13th at the earliest, and it will be cut-throat stuff to get it. No rationing, no prioritizing.

I’d best sharpen a knife….