Daughter and I had a minor book party this afternoon. We went to the college library, and picked up our community member library cards.

For a few short months, I was cleaning the library – with no library card. Just think about that, me wandering around dusting, and all these books, and I couldn’t do anything about it. So, today, I got to look around in the card catalog, and then go down into the main shelves, and pick out books. Deep, organized, deep, beautiful shelves. A mass of books about the same size as the house I live in. When we were done at the college, we went to the town library and picked up books we’d ordered online.

Anyway. I got (among others) a great book on Thirties political prints. I hope to scan or copy or somehow steal some of the images and show them to you. And yes, we are re-living our own history – one I thought we’d had drilled into our heads well enough.

Until then, I have a question. Why is it that, with the Borg as a recurring threat, the Enterprise didn’t start carrying just plain old guns with bullets? And what happened to the Red Shirt thing?