Yesterday was sunny. Friday was too. For some reason I decided this was the new weather trend, and blew off responsibilities and went out and took pictures. And took a nap.

Today, in comparison, sucks. Cold and grey, but not windy. I have about three inches of maple leaves in my yard that I should attend to, plus those putting-away-the-garden things that still need to be done. Whatever.


I’m working hard on not reading political blogs. I still open them, but it seems like I get through two posts and I flinch and turn away. I tried to find information on my county’s Democratic Party, but I couldn’t. I tried to find out about the county’s board of supervisors, but there was nothing there. I think I might have found something to work on locally.

In my flu update; the county only has the live vaccine that is being used for small children and pregnant women. There is no word on the other vaccine coming. And, as predicted here!, the students on campus are not reporting to the nurse because they don’t want to be frog-marched into isolation. So, instead, they’re wandering around coughing. I’m sure I’ve been exposed. I’m kinda sure that that’s what I had last weekend. Regardless, I still kinda hate Goldman-Sacs et. al. for getting their vaccines delivered to them on a golden platter. Heads had better roll.

Stupidhead promised me his printer when he leaves, so I’m waiting for him to leave. I’ve worked up a new resume, and I want to start getting it out. Plus, I’m just generally waiting for him to leave. The benefits are greatly outweighed by the negatives. Greatly.