I’m sick! Whine! Again!

We’re in some odd doldrumy weather, that went from two weeks of sun and blue sky and no wind to four days of heavy overcast. It was windy yesterday, and there was light rain last night and fog this morning, but really – it’s dull.

Nothing much is going on.

I so miss being on the road at sunrise. I long for that drive. I miss the mountains and the moon and the movement. I miss watching the world’s dark corners fill with light.

I haven’t been taking many pictures.

Nothing is happening, in that calendar of events sort of way. Things are happening, but they are mostly shifts in perception, or that sudden realization that there has been no crisis for several days. Or more correctly, that I seem to be able to talk myself out of even climbing up towards whatever high ledge is inviting me to jump. Dudes, I am calm.

The biggest thing that has happened here is that Stupidhead got it into his head that he really, truly had to burn some leaves. It is shockingly not necessarily illegal here. I know, because he checked with the chief over at the local fire station, who said that nobody has ever felt it was important enough to run a test case on whether leaves are considered rubbish or lawn debris. Of course, I later realized how stupid I was, being as how I rent from the city and now have this yard-in-diameter burn in my backyard. So we raked more leaves over it to cover, and will wait for the grass to grow in next spring, or maybe this fall still since we seem to have reverted to September weather.

So that was what it was, out in a beautiful night just past sunset, with the last blue holding in the west as we watched the white smoke billow up, sparks flying up to answer the stars.