I followed a link to Susie Bright’s journal, a page of quotations, and found this;

Our children do not belong to us, as tempting as that may be to believe. Our memory that they came out of us is misleading. They are not our words, our thoughts, our waste. They have their own imaginations which we can neither create nor undo; they may live in our house but they have their own world. We can respect and admire their world by giving them privacy, tolerance, an appreciation for their own bodies, and a great feeling of love beyond possession.

It strikes me periodically that I am missing so much by not being able to see the world through Daughter’s eyes. She doesn’t have the greys, the subtle shadings. She has flame and black and a flaring white, big bold blocks of everything. And sometimes she shies away; wouldn’t you if the world was that large, that wild, that strong and moving? But she turns, and goes out again.