Rather than TOTALLY LOSE IT, I called my boss and asked if maybe I could work somewhere else, where there weren’t quite so many people stumbling over each other please?

Although bodychecking somebody into a brick wall would have been perfectly fine, also. At least in my book.

But that’s past.

ice is our hazard
rain frozen under snowdrift
walk like a penguin

And about the lunar eclipse, and the next two weeks, Astrobarry ends;

If we really want to advance past 2009’s sinkholes and surprises, we ought to spend the first two weeks of 2010 wrapping ’em up, saying what we haven’t yet said, ending the old arguments once and for all, and becoming the unapologetic (and, naturally, altruistic) stars of our own shows.

Somebody told me that what you do New Year’s Day is what you do all year long, so I’m going to be doing a lot tomorrow. I hope you have fun, too.