I was busy making things – bread, mittens (which I am not going to rip out and start over again, thank you), more birdies (top secret, this time). I told a friend of mine about how the birdies were going so much better, now that I’d gone out and gotten new needles – all the ones I had weren’t dull, but were corroded where they had been in contact with the paper holder. and dragged on the material. To which she replied, and I think I quote; “YOU’RE MAKING THESE BY HAND!!!!????”

We both make things. It’s just that I Make things, and she makes Things. Too subtle to worry about. Because, like I said, we both Make Things.

(Insert long testimonial to the intellectual and spiritual benefits of being that sort of person.)

So, I know it’s Sunday and not Saturday, but I’ve been wandering around (oh, I remember – I slept late yesterday – that’s why I didn’t do any snooping) and found this site –


and then this –

Raw Toast design

and then this –

waiting for a believer.

Wonderful prints there. Go look.