It occurs to me that if I list what I’ve got out from the library here, I’ll have some place to go to figure out what that book was that I had out three years ago about that guy who… You know the drill. It also might be an issue, because we we regularly go to two libraries, and have rights at a third.

Local library; three books on handwriting analysis. People who write books on handwriting analysis seem to be the most disorganized writers ever. My T’s seem to be okay. I’ll tell you if I ever learn anything else. And another Laurie R. King book, “A Letter of Mary.” Not so good, nearly bad. But that’s all right. I’ve been reading nothing but King for a couple of months, and it was starting to annoy me.

Previous library; We went there today, and I stocked up. I found out that we can return things through the local library, which makes me less nervous about having a bunch of stuff out through them. A good thing, because they have a better selection in-building, and their system is better stocked, also.

Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Mahler’s Ninth Symphony – starts with an essay on atomic bombs and damage. Makes me want to get out of this country. Don’t know how far I’ll get.

The Beats; a graphic history – come on now, a comic book version of the Beat Generation? Gotta have it.

Watercolor Painting from Photographs – pushing that “start doing it” thing.

The Perennial Gardener’s Design Primer – I want Bee Balm. I want Japanese Anemones. I want flowers, dang it!

River Life – this one is a big score. It’s “the natural and cultural history” of a local river, and talks about the geology of the area. One cool detail I’ve picked up is that there’s a marsh not far from here that has two rivers coming out of it. One goes to Lake Superior, one feeds into the St. Croix, and then the Mississippi and out to the Gulf. So, yeah, major trading route. I grabbed it, because I suspect this is going to be the Year of the River. I think I made a good decision. A quote found in the book;

“The river is old. Old as few things are old; old like orbits and dust and gravity.” – Justin Isherwood.

Strange to think of something so alive and jumping and changing and moving as old.

On the making things front, I got distracted from the birdies by a plant that keeps tipping over. I decided to cover a clay pot in those “decor stones,” a beginner’s mosaic project. Note to self; primary colors good, neutrals bad. It will be interesting, and pretty, and kinda boring. But it will weigh enough that the plant won’t tip over any more.