But, enough. Not in the mood to whine. I assume this Mercury retrograde will end, eventually, in my own personal universe which has its own set of stars and planets. I’ll plot it someday.

But I have a question. Is it just me and my personal astrology, or is it everybody, that you get to a certain age, and you don’t actually care at all any more about the politics involved in the day-by-day? I know that some of this is because I’m tired, what with the shift change and having set my life up so that it ran smoothly starting at 4 a.m. and now it’s not so smooth. But really. I have this bad feeling that there will be a company meeting and I will tell my boss in front of everybody to quit shining us on, and be fired for (get this) “insubordination.” (Good grief. I’m a janitor. It’s in the job description. Who, exactly, am I supposed to respect? The dean of students, who dumped a half-pound of granola on the floor and left it? Closed up the bag and left the pile on the floor because he is the dean and doesn’t have to bend the fuck over? Sheesh.)

And in other surreal news; Daughter just saw a robin. In January. In Northern Wisconsin.