It’s a thing from Kmkat. Thankful Thursday, or something. I’m not good at “regular” but since I had a quick list going already I’ll pretend I had my act together.

First, the stars were beautiful last night, and the smoke from a wood stove was hanging low over the road, a sure sign that it would be clear for 12 hours.

Second, it was only for 12 hours, and now it’s clouding up, which means it will probably not get as cold as it would have liked to have gotten.

Third, the next-door dog didn’t start barking until I got up – a whole 7 hours of sleep for me, first time in ten days.

Fourth, I finished a present for a friend, and found something to accompany it. It might not be at the level of professional gift-packaging, but it’s in line with who I am.

Fifth, a friend sent me pictures of herself, and I’m leaving that page open so I have something fun to look at while I cringe at the political pages.

Sixth, two really good friends in one post!

Oh, and I finally got, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” from the library. I think I’ll get off line and go read it.