Country Kitchen has a “free dinner on your birthday” thing, and what with the gunslinger girl having her birthday and all, we walked over there. Through the slush, I might add. It rained quite a bit during the early part of the day, and then turned to a good, serious snowfall. It hasn’t cooled off much, so, slush.

Anyway. We’re sitting there, writing in our journals, having a conversation that is best described as intermittent. Our eyes fell upon the bottle of ketchup, and the topic turned to “57.” I said that I thought it referred to 57 different kinds of tomatoes in the ketchup. As soon as I said it, my little brain said, “Oh, lady – If I ever heard an urban legend before, this one is that!” So, dutifully, I googled it as soon as I was in the house, more or less.

Of course, it was all silly nonsense. If you want to know, you can google it yourself. But I did find this; a link discussing free Heinz pickle pins. I requested one. We’ll see what happens.

Oh, yeah. The rest of the story. I was up paying for my meal, and flipped open my wallet. There was a pen. I got thinking. I normally have two pens in my journal anyway, and I’d just gotten back my mother’s Schaeffer fountain pen, and filled it and brought it along. My Daughter the Gunslinger had brought along her new pretentious journal, and her purple pen. So, at this point I realize we have five pens between the two of us. When we got home I reached in my pocket and discovered a sixth.

If the pen is mightier than the sword, we got something going on here.