I am of Scandinavian descent, and I was in my element today.

Yes, a fantastically bad picture of snow. I didn’t realize til I was out wandering about that I have become terribly sunshine deprived. Today, the sun was out, the sky a wild blue, the air cold and clean, the snow still white and the streets relatively untracked by sludge. And, I got to wear my pseudo-Scandinavian sweater, and my neck warmer and my head band and my fingerless mitts and my new thrummed mittens and my red coat, and just walked around like I was home.

In other news, Gunslinger Gal actually is a vampire, and has horribly low blood levels of vitamin D3, and now gets to take prescription levels of the stuff. Hah! But her 3 month glucose test came back fine, so I can no longer threaten her with looming diabetes. She’ll have to come up with her own reasons to eat better.

But, Sunshine! and Blue Skies!