Like pretty much everybody in the blogosphere, I am making some changes in my day-to-day life thingie. You will also notice that I’m not putting a lot of weight on this new stuff, because I will run away screaming to the nearest convenience store to buy chocolate. And if it’s that healthy, holier than normal dark chocolate, it will be wrapped around a Milky Way bar, and accompanied by some dark roast Columbian with a goodly dollop or six of half-and-half. I can only do so much, people.

So, yeah. I’m also trying to do the half-caf tango, no milk, no cream, no magic flavoring. I swear there is no life for a Scandinavian without The Essence, but I’m backing down, because I am close to two pots a day. Even I can’t delude myself into believing this is a good thing. I’m fairly certain it has to do with that half-assed shift I’m on. It’s coming to an end soon. We’ll see.

And the fritatas for breakfast. For a long time it was scrambled eggs with some stuff in them. Now it’s back to a pile of stuff with an egg in it. See? Subtle. And a sprinkling of Parmesan instead of a glob of cottage cheese. I’m not sure how much the added salt is taking away from my internal reward-point system, but we’ll pretend.

So. I see this has wandered away from where I started. How could that happen?

Anyway. My ears itch. My ears have been itching for years. Three, maybe Four. I went to the Nurse Practitioner (the old one, the one who eventually lost her mind) and she gave me drops that kind of quelled it, but not altogether, and the Itch came back. Sparing you the TMI stuff, I was looking for ways to clean with vinegar and found a mention of half apple cider vinegar and half olive oil. It works, but now I smell of salad dressing most of the time. As long as hungry people don’t start coming up and licking my ears, we’re all right. At least I think that’s a bad thing. But I’ll leave you with that idea, and you can tell me what you come up with.

We went and got Daughter’s x-rays done yesterday. I was going to plug the CD into my computer and view it, but decided it would put me right around the bend. I decided to walk over to the dental clinic which is sister to my doctor’s office and have them transport it the thirty miles or so. I decided that since I’m going to be concentrating more on my photography this year, I should take my camera, just to get in the habit of carrying it again, not expecting to see much on this grey day. I got all the way out the door…

And then on the way home…

And to prove I’m human…

My tin man heart.