(I just want to keep track of how this spiderplant is growing, so I’m putting this picture here.)

Anyway. Ex is in counseling and taking drugs, and not angry anymore, and so we are talking. He’s been bringing up stuff of mine that he thinks I’d like to have, like the washer! I showed him some of my birdies, and he asked if I wanted some old material that I’d left behind. In my grandmother’s cedar chest. (At least I always assumed it was cedar. Looking at it now, I think it might be American fir, but whatever.) I think it was built to order, for a spot at the top of the stairs in her/my old house. It’s been sitting on the porch of the farm for seven years. Ex emptied it and brought it (61” x 25” x 25”) and all the stuff inside up. Seven boxes of stuff. I seem to really enjoy bright colors. And see that bag at the top? My first great yarn store.

And a really big score; my cards and spindle.

See that incredibly bad yarn? I’ve learned more about spinning for free on the internet than I did from that class I paid for, which I suspect was held only as an excuse for practiced spinners to get together and talk, and laugh at me.
(I’m suspicious of the fleece; I think I’ll put it out for the birds to nest-build, and think how warm the babies will be.)

There’s more stuff, but I’ll leave it for another day. We’ve got two big garbage bags of material and old clothes to take to the laundromat. Did I ever mention how musty cardboard boxes get, and musty in exactly the way that sets off my asthma? It’s a great incentive for dealing with things – “ACK! I’ll DIE!!! Get It Out Of Here!!!”