“I am rooted in the me who is on this adventure.” (Ripped off quoted from Grosse Pointe Blank. I think we will just call it “that movie” from now on, thank you.)

I realized today that yes, Daughter and I will be cruising along, carrying on a conversation, and it’s like we’re out bowling, maybe in Canada, who knows? but we’re in the same alley, and she picks up her ball and throws it – three lanes over. Aiming for the lonely little ten pin, when she could have picked up the 4-5-7 on the left. And she’s on the third frame, when maybe you’re on the seventh.

And I’m on this adventure, and looking at these oddball short term jobs, because I’m set loose on the tide and all. One of them is “Gypsy Moth Trapper,” and a requirement is that you need to be familiar with GPS. I was thinking of borrowing one for a few days, or maybe buying one and returning it after I was done playing with it, because I don’t want one. I prefer to get lost. Or as some people say (all of my exes not included in this one), on an adventure.

Features, not bugs.