I broke a tooth about a year ago. Just a little sliver off the back, enough to cut my tongue on. I was busy then, moving and whatnot. Then more broke off, then more, then – The Pain. I couldn’t even talk on the phone because of that whole pressing it up against the side of your face thing. So I discovered chewing gum, which became an obnoxious habit, and TMJ massage tricks, and just how much Orajel where was needed, and made dentist appointments. Which of course caused it to quit hurting.

The first appointment was over in the Actual Big City, as opposed to the 8,000 person big city I live in. I told them exactly what was going on – that the tooth was broken, I was incredible pain, that I was coming from 70 miles away. I got there, and they had me scheduled for an x-ray, and that I’d need to come back at least twice, to the tune of $1,046. Plus gas.

The other appointment was here in town, with the only dentist I could get in to see. Who could schedule me in a month. Who is the person I went to see today. Who took his little mirror and looked in my mouth, and said let’s get to work, and then washed his hands. Okay, fine, he’s old school, we use too many antiseptic things anyway, yeah he’s wiping his hands on a towel that’s just hanging there, it’s okay. Yeah, that’s a weird big needle for the Novocaine, wow it isn’t hurting when he sticks it in, why are his hands shaking enough to make the needle rattle against my teeth?????

He left. I looked down at my hands, which were shaking way more than his, and I bolted.

So. I’m sitting here with my mouth (and part of my ear and part of my throat) numb, trying to decide what to do. I have open appointments with both dentists.

Somehow, driving to Superior is looking like a much better option.