No, not those dark corners.

The corners where people like me – people who have doubts – whisper of things mechanical.

clickthing – typed, and then scanned and posted. And he does things to cameras. And he’s got links to things – ways to process film without normal chemicals, and other people who use typewriters, or paper and pen.

This one isn’t dark, and is commercial, but it satisfies so many needs for me I thought I should link it anyway – Rhodia Drive. All about the paper. And pens. And what people do with them. And what’s in their bag. So, yeah, my inner snoop.

I was going to link to a couple of old sites I haven’t been to in a while, but they’re gone. The devolution will continue without them, and we honor them for their brave first steps.

And yes, I’m stalling. It’s time to move forward, and I am, but it’s hard. Pity me.