I’m not sure why today has been a good day. Oh, wait. I know why. We went over to the City for a doctor’s appointment, and the doctor was nice, and didn’t blame us for being sick. And it occurred to us that it is an amazingly incredibly good thing that we moved away from where we were living, because now we go see doctors who are nice, and listen, and don’t make us feel guilty for being sick.

And yes. I don’t call the medical chain at the old place the “Evil Empire” for nothing.

Plus, shopping is now better.

And I don’t feel guilty over the things I bought today, because they are all things that are Forward Moving. Books? Why, you silly thing. Of course. Camus’ “The Rebel,” and a techniques-for-collage type book. I think this might be the year of gluing things. And a viola bow, even though I have a violin, because I tried a viola, and it made sense. Well, no. It made the center of my chest vibrate in a way that I could curl into and call home. But! I didn’t feel comfortable dropping 3 G* on a mall viola, no matter how seductive. The bow was only $60, and also “makes sense.”**

And I’ve been thinking I want little mirrors to stick up and bounce light around. And there we were at The Last Global Village In The World (or so she said), and there was a mirror, framed in the three healing metals.

And then, we found a t-shirt that says, “Then Buffy staked Edward. The end.” Can anybody’s day be any more complete? We were high-fiving on that score, I can tell you.


I wonder if it has something to do with pattern recognition, the way these pictures appeal?

*And, that little detail of not having 3G. But, me digress.

**Now my fallback explanation for things that feel really, really good in some way that I can’t explain, and you’re going to have to just trust me.