I don’t know how many of you heard about or remember Bigfoot. Bigfoot totaled my car and turned my life into a country-western song, and in return, was renamed Stupidhead. Stupidhead stayed in my life, alternately being kinda okay or completely freak city for another however many years (too many, some would say, but he did do some good in those years).

Anyway, when he was nice and I was first getting back into knitting, I decided to make a pair of socks for him. Remember the “Bigfoot” reference up there? Size 14, and mid calf, which is nearly knee length on me. But I am a good person, and did it. Except that I’d just started knitting and screwed them up, so I decided to start over (on these size 14, 12 inch tall socks). (The car accident gets inserted in here, and the behavior changes. See returning Iraq war vets, and closed head injuries) I got one done, and I thought it was wonderful. I handed it to him and (probably) told him to try it on. He refused. He snapped at me, said no, he was too busy, looking at something on the computer.

I put the yarn and the three completed socks away. Even I have my limits.

Anyway. Maybe a year later he figured out he was out of hand, and started getting the help he needed, and started asking for the socks again. I wouldn’t answer, or I’d say that I didn’t know where the yarn was, depending on how tolerable he was that day. Even with all the drugs and the help he was getting, he got worse, and then he moved away. So to put an end to the psychic craziness I’d been dealing with, I pulled out the yarn, undid the third sock, and made myself the revenge socks.

They are the nicest pair I’ve made so far, just the perfect amount of looseness in the toes, and a little bit taller than I normally make. Sweet.

Trekking, some blue color.

But, I got playing in Photoshop manipulating the master hue, because the color shown doesn’t have all the green-turquoisey bits that the socks do. And look what happened!

All kinds of new socks!