Not for me, and not local enough for Daughter, but still. Wonderful!

Sensory-Friendly Film Screenings for Kids with Autism

On April 10, thousands of children with autism will be able to do something that for many of them was impossible until recently: go to the movies. They’ll see How to Train Your Dragon at one of 93 “sensory-friendly” screenings in 47 cities across 30 states. The lights will dim but remain on, the volume will be lowered, the movie will start promptly at 10 a.m. with no previews, families with special dietary needs will be allowed to bring snacks from home, and if the kids yell or even stroll around the theater, no one will complain.

It was always … awkward… to go to movies with Daughter. We would have to sit towards the back, on the aisle. As soon as the lights would go down, she’d get up and stand in the lobby, watching through the doors. As she got older, she was able to stay in her seat for more and more of the movie. Now, we don’t go to movies in the theater; we wait for them to come out on DVD. And considering how much we both love movies, it’s hard.

We’ve both been talking about this movie. Maybe we can go somewhere…. Like Link’s grandma said, don’t be ashamed to drink champagne from a paper cup, or something. (I dare you – come up with the source of that quote.)