(All of a sudden I’m talking about speed like it’s the new best thing. Really. I’m about the slow. Mostly.)

I bought some yarn years ago from Juno in a stash reduction she had, some pretty chocolate-colored Brown Sheep worsted. It was one of those destiny things; I’d decided to make Sonnet from Knitty in brown, and up pops this yarn! She threw in a ball of Araucania Nature cotton in gold. It was enchanting, lying glowingly there against the brown. I put the whole works away for a couple of years.

During a rare and sudden cleaning spree I gathered all my yarn up into one spot, and that ball of Araucania Nature Cotton became my computer table companion. I checked out Barbara Abbey’s Knitted Lace from the library, and found a pattern that looked clean enough to work in the thick-and-thin cotton, and it made this nice squishy-soft material, and my little brain started thinking about my paternal grandmother’s china and how the yarn matched, and The Plan was born.

The Plan involves making coasters and placemats for six place settings. It also required two more skeins of Cotton, because there is no such thing as a free lunch. (I think a third skein will be involved; there’s not quite enough in a single skein to make two coasters and placemats.) I google the brand name and keep coming up on dead ends for it, sock yarns and wools and whatever, but very little Nature Cotton until I get to Jimmy Bean’s. I’ve never ordered from them before. I had looked around once before, and couldn’t really get the hang of the website, and mostly got distracted by wandering around in “real” stores. Somehow, this time I can get to what I need, and they have lots of colors. The price is an entire nickel higher than I’ve seen The Cotton elsewhere ($12 vs. $11.95 – it might have been $11.25, but still. Higher! Up an entire Dollar! not) but I throw all caution to the winds because The Project is upon me, and order it on Friday. Good Friday.

I got the Yarn on Monday.

Let us all say really, really nice things about the United States Postal Service, and government infrastructure in general. And Jimmy Bean’s service. They earned that dime (or $1.50 – whichever).

(I made the Sonnet, and it sucked, and I ripped it out. There will be a brown cardigan someday, I swear.)

(Also, in this picture see at least two more colors that really need to be matched.)

(There was a time when I was looking at material to sew placemats for this. We’ll see.)