Today’s agenda does not include writing a post at this time of day, but since I am ignoring the agenda, you get stories instead.

I can’t tell you about any of the Census stuff. It’s good, and it’s bad. Same as everything else. I got a trackball mouse. Annoying. I’m living on toast and pro-biotics and yogurt. You do the math.

I’m working on going back to school. I was told ten years ago that if you don’t graduate, they dump your transcript. By somebody at the University of Minnesota. Then I was told a couple of days ago that somebody lied. I got hold of the U yesterday, and they called me back today with my student ID, so now I can go get my transcript out of hock.

Daughter told me that it’s okay to yell and jump up and down when I’m excited if I give her some warning.

Also, writing down my student ID number caused me to be filled with anxiety. I was impressed. I must recognize it. I must also start chanting, “I am older. I am wiser. I can do this.”

Picture? What picture?

Once again, the neighbors’ deck railing. I’m intrigued by these objects, lined up as if on display. I had to climb up on the neighbors’ fence to take this picture. This thing, where I climb up or down to get a picture? Not so good. It’s usually a case of, “Well, how do I get back?” If I ever disappear, I’m probably up somewhere, wondering.