Because I’m nuts.

Anyway. Old story, lived in Grandma’s house, kept a lot of old stuff, moved, going through things like I am sensible, yada yada. Grandma had this quilt that I thought was just the model of elegance. You couldn’t even call it a quilt, because it was this lovely piece of white/blue/green on one side, and another subtle piece of gold/tan/tea stain color on the other.

Loved this thing. Loved it. Dog got mad one day, ripped it up. Couldn’t bear to part with it, stuck it in Grandma’s blanket chest. Unpacked Grandma’s blanket chest boxes, came across the remnants of this thing, decided I was a grownup and could stuff it in a garbage bag and get rid of it. Right.

Well, I did. I got it into the garbage bag, but as I was shoving, the pretty white/blue/green ripped back and revealed the Secret of the Quilt. The beautiful simplicity of it all? Just a cover for the ripped up/used up original quilt – a line of triangles top and bottom, edging a center panel of tea stain colored muslin.

Hand-stitched, with patches sewn right into the batting. Disillusioned, enlightened, happy to see that there is more than one way to patch a quilt. And, there’s another old quilt to sew these scraps onto.