I’m not, because Spring! And also not able to make sentences.

Did I mention going to school in the fall?

Okay. Here’s the real problem. What was I thinking!?!? I enrolled in college! Starting in the Fall! And that’s Four. Long. Months. to contemplate how absolutely stupid I am, and taking each Maaaajor obstacle that pops up, one at a time, and talking it through. Usually before I’m awake, certainly before coffee. On the plus side, I have boatloads of nervous energy to expend on yard duties.

I’m happy to say I’m still able to read at night after getting into bed.

And in another bit of whatwasIthinking, I started a new Flower Basket shawl. Why do I think lace is fun? Why am I trying to knit lace in lace-weight yarn? I have the chart AND my written-out directions in front of me, and I still goof it up. I have to admit I’ve learned enough that I notice a missed yarnover when I’m purling my way back. My nice brown sweater of the “reading Jane Austen in front of the computer” was coming along fine, till I realized that, while I had gotten gauge, I hadn’t gotten the gauge I was using in the pattern. (Anne Budd’s handy book of patterns, which I will buy, but is out from the library, and is here somewhere.) I ripped out 13 inches of back, and started over. Now I have to rethink all the adaptations I’d made from the book to get the sweater I wanted, and I don’t have the brainz. So I start a new lace project. Ack.

Anyway. Our reality tv.