I’m hiding from the Internets from now on. Too much bad stuff. I promise I won’t mention any of that stuff again.

At home, things are going good. I have little seedlings outside. They’re still too small to plant, but they’re big enough to go hang out in the sun. I forgot to bring them in a few nights ago, and nothing bad happened, so they’re staying out. And the greenhouses are open! This is such a bad thing for my finances. I’ve been hoping that my morning glories would volunteer, but I haven’t seen any come up. I have a few seeds stuck aside. I think I’ll have to soak and plant them where the volunteers are supposed to be. I’m wondering if the seeds that are out there didn’t get frozen or something, that they’re not sprouting, or if the dirt is too dry.

Yes, another dry spring. Fire danger is high or extremely high all around. We had one day of off-and-on sprinkles, but it was windy too. The grass is growing, but that’s about as far as it got.

Flowerbasket met its fate, and is now reborn. I was cruising along, finally getting into the swing, when I stretched it out and realized that it just looked blotchy. I was looking at something from Knit Picks, but decided I should check out the local place, because. And there – lo and behold! The perfect color yarn to match. And where the yarn I had was dull and globby, along with being blotchy, the new yarn is shiny! and glowey! and smooth. The two of them together make knitting this so much fun, what with the shiny and the dull, the one true color and the mighty blotchiness running together. I am entertained.*

I have gone an entire week without candy bars and sweet rolls or anything else in that vein. The only sweet thing I’ve been having is honey on my yogurt. No toast with jelly or with peanut butter and sugar, and much less toast overall. I feel better, and my skin looks better. I’m kind of proud.

The finch wars are still going on at the thistle socks, and oh yeah! Tongue-twister! Try to say “thistle sock” three times.

And lastly, all those envelopes are starting to show up, the ones that say “meal plan,” and “Financial Aid,” and “Schedule your two-day orientation and class sign-up.” I open them, and then put them aside for when I am a little calmer.

*The old yarn was the leftover from Boing. I don’t think I’ll ever do that buy a pattern and the yarn together thing again. The yarn, although pretty, was nowhere near as yellow as in the picture, and actually sucks. It contracts horribly. Even after letting it soak for two hours and blocking the snot out of it, it’s just a curled up thing. The pattern was fun, I will gladly admit, and just the right amount of challengingness. But take this yarn and stick it with Skacel Merino Lace, and Ooh! Aah! The Skacel is a true coral, but I can’t find a picture that isn’t too yellow. Hmm.

eta; on second thought, I still really like the yarn in the scarf, except for that curled-upedness. But I like this new thing better.