(notice the narcissus at the top of the page…)

My horoscope for the week says;

It’s now time to double-down on your relationship wager, either in existing partnerships or in your approach to seeking and establishing new ones. Be uncompromisingly direct (perhaps more than ever before) in stating your non-negotiable needs and deal-breaking no-nos… and either (1) succeed at interpersonal satisfaction beyond your wildest expectations or (2) kiss your sort-of-stable, sort-of-stunted ‘settling’ situation goodbye, clearing the way for a bigger-and-better opportunity.

Today’s google-Iching was; “Why do I keep looking for a relationship when I am so much happier single?” And the answer was Lea Lane saying, “Why I’m alone.” My favorite bit is,

“… my friends don’t introduce me to anyone anymore because they know that unlike some women my age who settle, I want a bit more than “mammal” on my wish list.”

No. My favorite bit is,

“… I’m satisfied that I’ve sowed enough oats to make oatmeal for the New York Yankees and still have some left over to feed the waitstaff at Tavern on the Green, with a few spoonfuls to spare.”

But there’s that nagging thought that maybe I could sow just a few more…